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Chocolate on chocolate cake

I made a quick detour to home in the mid-term break.

Being still mid-way in said break, I decided to give relief to my hand itching to bake something, it's been a while (and there is no kitchen in the hostel), by baking something.

Said something is a no-fuss Smitten Kitchen's Everyday Chocolate Cake baked in a round tin instead of the required loaf tin; smothered with her 'I want chocolate cake' chocolate frosting.

It's as easy as they come. And for lazy days like these, perfect.

A fluffy but can-stand-on-its-own (perfect for layer cake!) chocolate sponge made with butter, minimal ingredients, in ONE bowl. Yes, it is that easy.

A decadent chocolate frosting with a double shot of chocolate from semi-sweet chocolate and cocoa powder which is also one bowl (mhm you heard that right), just dump everything in a food processor and whiz.

For the recipe, head over to Smitten Kitchen, I made no change to the recipe (except baking the cake in an 8-inch round tin because I l…

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