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Dear Future

Dear Future,
It’s been a while since we talked. How’s everything? How’s the weather? Do humans still let themselves be fooled by you?
The weather here is wonderful these days. Wonderfully toasty, though it might have something to do with global warming. When asked about the reason, everyone has an answer on similar lines– its man-made; a result of man’s selfish and greedy motives. Humans have depleted the abundant natural resources to make their own lives easy, invariably making it harder. Do humans in your time think the same?
Kids of today are a new lot. They want to achieve greater things, scale newer heights. The millennial wants to do more, be more.An eight-year old wants to become an engineer. When asked why? “I want to design cars because I love them” pat comes the reply. Another wants to be a principal. It is a sign of changing times, where career fields are not limited to engineering and medicine. It doesn’t mean that some 5 year olds still don’t want to become doctors when the…

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